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Canadian-made and considered the best-made, most practical ‘outdoor’ hat in the world, each Tilley Hat is handcrafted and requires more than 40 cutting and sewing operations. And then there’s the time-consuming, expert embroidery.

Our Hats fit a bit more comfortably than you’re used to – and a bit lower.
IMPORTANT: Please take 3 minutes or so to measure around your head, near your eyebrows. Place 2 fingers under the tape.
Tell us the number of inches or centimeters.
If you don’t do this, the Hat won’t fit you well!


How to measure your head: SIZE CHART


  • You'll look good and feel great in it, and friendships will be made.
  • Guaranteed for life not to wear out. Take a peek at the nearby Guardian (UK) article.
  • Lightweight (4 oz.) and crushable.
  • Won’t shrink. If it ever ‘contracts’ simply put it over your knee and pull.
  • Repels rain: Quite well. The brim stays stiff and won’t collapse when wet.
  • Block the sun; certified 50+ sun protection. (The highest.)
  • The olive underbrim prevents glare.
  • It floats: there’s a 1/8-inch thickness of closed-cell foam located in the secret pocket in the crown. The Hat will float longer than I can! This foam has also protected many a head.
  • It’s packable and later looks neat: To remove wrinkles in the crown, simply apply hot water inside and out. It’ll look beautiful in the morning. (The wind cord dries slowly.)
  • Velcro-sealed secret pocket: It’s not really secret, but it’s a handy one: hotel key, license, spare $10 …
  • The material is our special laminated nylon (Nylamtium – I made up the word). The mesh is strong polyester.
  • Machine washable. However, doesn’t the best ‘outdoor’ hat in the world deserve hand washing?
  • Handcrafted in Canada where I would keep a watchful eye

We don't, of course, have a store. We presently work in a furnished loft (no heat or water or rent) above Hilary's welding studio in a two-car garage. Heated floor.
Hil's a superb sculptor. www.hilaryclarkcole.com