How To


55 21 5/8 21.62 6 7/8
56 22 22 7
57 22 3/8 22.37 7 1/8
58 22 3/4 22.75 7 1/4
59 23 1/8 23.12 7 3/8
60 23 1/2 23.5 7 1/2
61 23 7/8 23.87 7 5/8
61.5 24 1/4 24.25 7 3/4
62.5 24 5/8 24.62 7 7/8
63.5 25 25 8

Use a cloth measuring tape, or a string which you later measure. Place it around your head just above your eyebrows AND parallel to the floor (not on a slant). Not tight, just comfortable. HINT: get a friend to help. Then do it again to be sure. Doesn’t fit? Sell it to a deserving Rotarian at your club. Then try again.

Measure your head in INCHES or CENTIMETERS, and then tell us that number.

The aft part of the wind cord is adjustable and stays behind your head (like our Mounties’ hats) when there’s a breeze, or you’re bending over in the garden. The front part of the wind cord fits under your chin, when required. Both are generally tucked away.

At the back are two sliding knots. Thought of that lying in bed on a Sunday in 1980. Raced downstairs to get a cord… It worked!

We’ll work hard to send you a Hat that is comfortable. You should be able to insert 2 fingers (flat) between your forehead and the sweat band. Remember, the Hat's to be held on by gravity, not painful pressure on your forehead. Bending over, or in a breeze, use the nape (back) cord first.

Some background
Each Hat is created by skilled people in Toronto, many of whom have been with us for decades. Each Hat is hand-crafted and goes through over 40 steps, plus the embroidery. That is the reason they’re ‘reassuringly expensive.’

In 1980, when I created them, I just knew it would be impossible to sell them in stores because they’d be formidably expensive, so my family and I sold them from our home at a little more than their cost. “Hey, it’s only a hobby.”

I was wrong. You and I are quite prepared to pay for quality.

Later, I sold them at boat shows at higher and higher prices. After 4 years I could quit my other business (I rented and sold quality works of art to businesses in Toronto. We had 2 Artmobiles). Because I worked short hours, I had time to develop my winter ‘hobby'… And here we are.

Tilley, Inc. probably makes more sizes than anyone in the world. The first Hat I sold was to sailor Horst Berlin of Toronto. It was a size 8. We made up to 8 3/8. No one except Tilley makes an 8!

“No one shall be deprived of owning a Tilley Hat simply because of head size. We’ll make unique sizes as required – and at the same price.”  My words from long ago.

Because our Hats are made by humans, each Hat, like each snowflake, is a little bit different. So, when you ask for a (say) 7 5/8, there are these 3 choices: 7 5/8 small, regular, and large. That’s why we need you to be accurate with your measuring. And I trust we are with ours!

So please meet us half way. Or be prepared to sell it to a lucky fellow Rotarian.

We don't, of course, have a store. We presently work in a furnished loft (no heat or water or rent) above Hilary's welding studio in a two-car garage. Heated floor.
Hil's a superb sculptor.